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  1. Triple Webers

    Sorry the linkage goes with the carbs.
  2. Triple Webers

  3. Triple Webers

    Mallory is 2363901 Carter is P4070 $375 shipped Mallory is 2363901 Carter is P4070 $375 shipped
  4. Triple Webers

    Yes it is a Cannon intake but I don't want to separate.
  5. Triple Webers

    I would do $1100 + shipping for the carbs and filters.
  6. Triple Webers

    No thanks.
  7. 100 0202

  8. Triple Webers

    These are 40's 151
  9. Triple Webers

    I have a triple Weber setup with new K&N filters, Mallory DP distributor and Carter fuel pump. The carbs are used but extremely clean. $1,500
  10. Looking to buy Carbs

    I have a set of DCOE 40 Webers with Cannon intake and linkage. They come with new K&N chrome filters, new Carter electric fuel pump and new Mallory dual point distributor that I was going to put a Pertronix kit in. Technically the carbs are used but look as if they have never had gas in them.