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  1. WTB T5 Trans

    Hello. Looking to buy a T5 trans to complete my Z. I am located in SoCal (Ventura Area) and willing to drive to pick it up. Thank you.
  2. WTB 75-79 half shafts and flanges

    PM me the price if you don't mind. Also where are you located at?
  3. Hello. I am upgrading my rear end to a R200. I am looking for a 75-79 half shaft and all the flanges as I have the pumpkin already. Thanks for looking.
  4. WTB: E31 or E88 head

    I am looking to buy an E31 or E88 head for my engine build. Thanks.
  5. WTB 70-71 Hazard light flasher switch

    Thanks for the reply. That is exactly my plan to open and clean it up. I am just being conservative in case I mess it up, I will have a fresh set to put as I need this to pass my car's inspection. Ill do it this weekend and let you know what happened. Thanks again.
  6. Hello. I just wanted to know if there is anybody here that have an extra hazard light flasher switch for sale? Thanks.