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  1. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    I agree and the polished aluminum will not cost anywhere near the price of the originals.
  2. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    The machinists doing this built race zcars for years so they are more inclined to do this than others, gnose, standard, etc. I have no problem helping anyone with their projects and making more items accessible/available to any extent I can, especially when it will enhance appearance IMHO like replacing plastic with polished aluminum. Only helps us all...
  3. I built a database and registry and have 20 sets of the v8z logos. Perhaps we can arrange a conference call to discuss this and move it forward?
  4. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    Sirpent, they are outstanding and if you put the aluminum trim rings next to the chromed originals it's like comparing a ford festiva to a Mercedes SLK....no exaggeration. If you have a v8z and will search the forum for emblem discussion we have a machined aluminum emblem for the side vents and exterior of the car with a v8z overlay in the center. I have 25 blanks in sets (2) that I'd be happy to have made and sell if interested. My thought was to get the plastic off the car. I've learned quite a bit about modifying these cars. The folks I hired have the numbered tags in the single and double digits of the datsuns they built and modified for racing....So a bit off the lens topic but the lenses Are a very small but critical part of what were hoping to accomplish.
  5. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    I had some delays in moving this forward due to health issues but am on it full time. I have the aluminum rings on my 260z and pics just really don't do them justice. It's like looking at plastic (original) vs. polished aluminum. The difference is that dramatic and i am confident no one will be disappointed with the aluminum rings. I had all the external emblems and plastic pieces machined from aluminum so I'll post pics when the cars finished but I found the right group to make these trim rings. Anyone with lenses and wants aluminum rings please post and I'll get them ordered for you...
  6. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    They will make them, we need a good set to clone. The lenses will not be as difficult because they do not have the concave bend as does the standard z set. I need to demonstrate the level of interest in gnose rings so the machinists don't consider this a "one off" piece. By the way if anyone's wondering about the quality of work of the folks I'm using, leading the effort is Jim Degarde, builder of seven Winston cup cars and long time nascar expert and fabricator on the Night Train II. You would not believe the complexity of the aluminum system inside the sled. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2013/08/21/usa-bobsled-night-train-2-sochi-olympics/2682585/ Jim is currently working on my zcar after we tore it down to the shell and rebuilt....it's an exciting project!
  7. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    It's depicted earlier in the thread along with the price. I'm not marking up so its cost from the machinist. They have a buck and do this by hand. But seems it was 155 each polished aluminum trim ring and they are phenomenal quality.
  8. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    None of the lenses are glass and the trim rings can be purchased now. The concave bend in the lenses preclude one from simply heating plastic in the oven as can be done with a plaster buck and the g-nose lenses. However, the good news is we finally found a solid Compay that has agreed to meek the lenses at a reasonable price. If anyone wants the polished aluminum trim rings they are available now.
  9. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    We can add the GNOSE to the mix but we would need to know there is some level of interest enough to cover the cost of cad and mold work for the lenses. However, the lenses for the GNOSE may be much easier to duplicate than the standard z. The reason the lenses are so difficult to reproduce is because they have a hard convex shape to them much like a corner (Those that own them know what I am talking about) which makes reproduction of the lens require a mold and pour. In looking at the GNOSE "I THINK" the lenses could be reproduced with a felt covered plaster mold for small runs. Please take a good picture of the top side and bottom side of your lenses and if their are no hard bends or creases we may be able to turn those around quickly for production. The cost to bring the standard z to production is well in excess of 10k just for the bucks for the lenses but the gnose may be an entirely different story and MUCH cheaper to duplicate. I have posted the anticipated cost earlier in this thread for the standard and please post those pics here of the lenses for the gnose if you have them.....
  10. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    In reading the questions they appear to be focused on dates, prices, and types of materials. Just to clarify: There are two types of lenses, what have been referred to as bubbled (raised) or a flat lens which flows flush with the car. There were debates as to which was OEM and which was aftermarket but regardless I had the cad files done on both and molds for both can be offered. These lenses cannot be made with a plaster mold covered in felt, the concave feature of the lens requires a mold which was very expensive. Some of the lens or plastic manufacturers require they make their own buck and have minimum runs that are excessive. I found one that I can work with but I am not certain they would be around in time so I am looking at others at the moment. The lenses will be available in just about any color (tint). The polished or brushed aluminum trim rings are available now, if anyone has lenses and wants the trim rings made of polished aluminum please let me know and I will send instructions. You will need to send your existing lenses to the manufacturer, they fit the triim rings to your lens, literally, and its a very snug fit. The trim rings are made from a buck by hand, not molded or cut by a machine. They are truly an outstanding piece. We are going to offer the trim rings in fiberglass as well and the chrome for those looking to match the original piece. We won't offer those two items until the lenses are in full production. I did get two sets of lenses we are using to fit the aluminum rings for production of the aluminum rings with new ring lens combos but if you want a set for your existing lenses you would need to send them to the facility for fitment. If they have been cut, warped, drilled, etcetera we would risk you being unhappy with the aluminum trim ring unless its fitted to your current lens. I can tell you my aluminum rings for my existing lenses do not fit the two new lenses.....so you would need to get comfortable with shipping your existing lenses if you want aluminum trim rings for your existing lenses. The installation must be done with care of course, polished aluminum scratches easily etc.......please be patient, this was/is not a cheap or easy effort. Thanks again!
  11. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    I'll post pricing for the whole set up, lenses and rings, on Monday. Remember that aluminum in this thickness is more malleable than cast pieces but having both side by side (original chromed rings vs polished aluminum) is like comparing a ford festiva to a Bentley. There is no comparison.
  12. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    Hello everyone and sorry for the delay as I posted prior dealing with some health issues. I would say to posts regarding this project status if you will look at earlier posts Ive included the aluminum rings which are in production and available. I have molds of both lenses cast and am reluctant to give them to the local glass manufacturer which has changed hands and names more than three times. I'll post more detail and Answer recent questions tonight. Thanks for your patience and anyone wanting polished aluminum rings for their existing lenses I can provide them now.
  13. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    Hi all, sorry for the lack of updates. I mentioned my wife struggles with some health issues from time to time and had to focus on family. I have all the rings ready and have to approve the lenses. We're very close and I'll have hard cost data to share next week.
  14. OEM Style Headlight Covers

    Sorry folks, went on vacation for two weeks the lenses and lens rings are moving I Along nicely, a few setbacks in the lens design code for the molds but otherwise close....I'll give more detail later today.