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  1. Hi Looking for a bumper , if possible with mounting brackets please. Also any 4 or 5 speed box plus pedal box and any other manual parts for conversion from auto. Thanks for any help Mark
  2. Hi Am looking for a good lens , or complete signal unit for a 240z. Thanks Mark
  3. Hi Am after a RH side one , but will consider a pair if very good. Do you have a non broken or saveable one ? Many thanks Mark
  4. 240_z


    All sorted - thanks to John. Hes the man ! Thanks again John Mark
  5. 240_z


    Ok thanks - but was trying to avoid that
  6. 240_z


    Hi How do i find out what my password is ? I have asked [email protected] - but no reply ! I have tried to change password - but cant as I get no response back from the site! Plus you need to know your old password before you can change it. Have tried to get it through firefox - all passwords seem to be there except hybrid. Why is this so difficult ? Mark
  7. Hi Guys Just looking for a pair , or just one turn signal assemblies , if possible with the wiring. Also a mostly rust free 70/71 (flat) gas door. I'm in the UK , but shipping is easy with USPS and of course I will pay the shipping. Thanks for any help. Mark