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  1. JLS240z

    Arizona Z & lots of good stuff!

    Just got home with some coil overs and a bunch of other goodies from Justin. Thanks man! Justin's a stand-up guy. Don't hesitate to buy from him. And if no one else grabs the roll cage, I guess I'll just have to. (I realize I don't have any posts, but I've been researching and buying parts--lots of parts--on Hybridz for over 7 years.)
  2. JLS240z

    Part 2, Z32 T trans swap package, engine parts

    PM sent re. alternator adjustment arm, fuel block off plate, and oil filler cap.
  3. JLS240z

    Kameari Timing components

    Interested in whole set-up. PM sent.
  4. PM sent re Energy Suspension Top-Mount.
  5. JLS240z

    OBX lsd for r200 brand new

    Payment sent.
  6. JLS240z

    OBX lsd for r200 brand new

    Interested. PM sent.
  7. Interested in master cylinder. PM sent.
  8. JLS240z

    *SOLD* Rear Disc Kit For Sale

    I'll take it. PM sent.
  9. JLS240z

    Garage cleanout

    PM'ed about HEI Distributor
  10. Brake kit arrived and everything looks great. Thanks! Bump for a great seller.