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  1. So, number 5 plug was wet fouled. I hope fuel and not oil. I'll check lash tomorrow (left my feeler gauge at work). Valvetrain looks healthy. Possibly a compromised plug wire?
  2. Thanks guys, I'll check the cap tonight and see what I find.
  3. What do you mean by cross firing and spark plug blow out?
  4. Thanks madkaw, I also am starting to suspect that it is ignition related. It all worked a couple months ago, but I've had fuel issues since then. (Rusty tank, clogged fuel filters, now that's all fixed) So now I guess wires, cap, rotor, and plugs need to be examined.
  5. Hey guys, I'm having some trouble getting my '72 240Z to accelerate without "machine gunning". I've searched all over the site and have not found suitable answers. It's a 3.0l race motor, 13:1 CR, triple Weber 45s, ported head that flows 227/155 CFM, 280zx distributor, summit racing ignition box(per Dave Rebello), new coil, carter fuel pump, Rebello road race cam grind. I had my timing set around 15, 35 advanced. I advanced and retarded it from there and the problem remained. As I accelerate, it doesn't have full power and makes stuttering/machine gun sound. It's not a mechanical sound, like a rod knock or broken rocker arm, but sounds more like ignition or fuel related. Also I am running ngkbr9 plugs and 110 leaded fuel. Any help or suggestions as to a cause would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Andy