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  1. Wtb rust free S30 shell

    Thank you for the advice I've learned the hard way and discovered to start over on a new shell that's already solid. Mine runs so that's covered to just swap over.
  2. Wtb rust free S30 shell

    Interested in finding a rust free s30 shell to purchase, I've been lucky enough to see a couple pop up just to see another enthusiast buy it beforehand. So I will try here again, I am looking in the areas of California close to San Diego, CA. I am ready to buy now, please let me know your offers and thank you for your time.
  3. Wtb rust free gutted 240z rolling shell

    Sold right before I confirmed transportation for it lol was perfect for my needs
  4. Wtb rust free gutted 240z rolling shell

    Awesome will see if that can work in as an option, thank you for linking it.
  5. Wtb rust free gutted 240z rolling shell

    Still looking for any shell that's a bit closer to San Diego. Please let me know. Unless someone can flatbed that to my shop I'll pay of course.
  6. Wtb rust free gutted 240z rolling shell

    Thank you for finding that.
  7. I'm in the market to see if anyone has a gutted rolling 240z for sale that has solid floors and frame. I'm in San Diego , Ca. I may be interested in other s30 shells as well so fell free to pm me with what you offer.
  8. Wtb a used gnose for s30

    I'm looking around to finding a reasonably priced gnose replica I can repair cracked ones if that's what you have to sell, just in the market for parts hunting 1 by 1. I'm in San Diego, Ca Thanks for helping, Roger
  9. 240z Distributor 1973 Manual Trans

    Lol well I always needed a spare. The current one I have is fine, I just see it as a great way to have extra parts. I'm just trying to see how much I can get one for used. I also am not sure if I can just fix that broken wire with regular decent wires. I was looking around to see if I can buy the terminal block with the wires attached but that's what I'm having trouble finding.
  10. 240z Distributor 1973 Manual Trans

    Thanks Daniel, please let me know as soon as you can. I will PM you my number to text.
  11. Hello, so one of my wires inside my distributor broke off my points connecting to the condenser. I was just hoping someone had a spare reman distributor laying around or just a decent one to sell, unless someone is trying to just sell me their points with that wire attached to it. I need this asap, please let me know.
  12. Various 280Z parts

    PM'd you thanks for replying
  13. Various 280Z parts

    Let me know if you are still trying to get rid of stuff, I'm interested in the clutch slave, cylinder and all that, and maybe if you have a spare clamshell. Also interested in the liscence plate light
  14. Flares, Suspension, louvers, etc

    Pmed you