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  1. Wtb 84-85 turbo 300zx engine harness

    I'll have to check that out and see. It's just as hard to see any z car in the salvage yards over here too Thank you again Jsm!
  2. Wtb 84-85 turbo 300zx engine harness

    Still looking Thanks
  3. 50th anniversary

  4. Wtb 84-85 turbo 300zx engine harness

    Yep! Thank you for looking out for me
  5. Wtb 84-85 turbo 300zx engine harness

    Anyone have one?
  6. Wtb 84-85 turbo 300zx engine harness

    Looking for a uncut or great condition engine harness for my 300zx 50ae if anyone has one? Thanks
  7. Oops . Sorry I meant z store lol.. Thank for your help guys
  8. Hi everyone Does anyone know where to find the front bumper rubber for 73? As tore says they no longer have them. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi I am looking for metal pieces. I need the rear hatch plate ( the one where the trunk latches ) also need the round spare tire metal floor piece ( the one where the spare tire goes in to) and also the passenger side quater panel piece ( mine is rusted in front of the back tire) if anyone has any of the pieces ,pls let me know. Thanks
  10. 240z complete lock set

    Still loking for a complete set, the glove box one is a plus Thanks
  11. 240z complete lock set

  12. 240z complete lock set

    Anyone? 240z- 280z will work too. Thanks
  13. 240z complete lock set

    Hi Does anyone have a complete lock set for a 73 240z. Looking for one that is in good working condition. Thanks
  14. Datsun 240 - 280Z parts for sale (some Series 1)

    Received my parts super fast and packed very well. Prices and descriptions were great too. Thank you!