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  1. rclarksf

    Getting rid of that rat smell

    Still got the smell? I bet you do. I went down this road doing most of the stuff that all the other folks that responded did and still got rat smell. All the removal, cleaning, etc. IS needed but it absolute must be capped off with this little secret. Read about in another car forum and it absolutely and completely works. Search google for ozone generator rental. Works like this: 1. Rent the generator. They mail it to you. 2. Put it in the car (anywhere in the interior, I put mine in the hatch area. 3. Plug that sucker in the wall 4. Close up the car OUTSIDE your house, NOT in the garage 5. Let that fucker run uninterrupted for 24 hours (at minimum 18) 6. Unplug it and leave it in the car for an hour or so 7. Carefully and quickly open the car (doors, hatch) and move away 8. Let the car sit for at least 6 hours open. 9. Pack up and mail the rented ozone generator back to the company. 10. Problem solved. Rental for several days is about $200.00 Search for and read up about ozone generators. They break down the cellular structure of organic material and destroy odors at the molecular level. It does not mask odors - it destroys the chemistry that makes it smell. Its the same technique that hotels use when someone smokes in the room and they have to clean it. Did it to my rat farm 71 after blowing out all the rats nest stuff, scrubbing the bare metal, removing the dash and all vents and replaced the foam seats and seat covers. Only after I used this did the smell go away. 6 - 8 months later the car still smells like a new car smell.
  2. I seem to be able to poste new topics in all the other areas of the site except for Parts for Sale. Anyone know why that might be? RClark SF CA
  3. Interested in the stiffer than stock sway bars front and rear if they come with bushings, bolts, all mounting hardware. Shipped (at my cost) to 94121 (San Francisco, CA). Let me know. Robert Clark [email protected]
  4. rclarksf

    Wheels and exhaust for sale

    Viewing on a phone, so pardon if this is detailed elsewhere. Interested in the Riken wheels. Where are you located and are you willing to ship? Robert Clark [email protected]
  5. rclarksf

    Mouse cancer

    My 71 S30 in a previous life, lived in a barn and field mice made themselves at home. The smell is disgusting. I've replaced pads, carpets, cleaned down to painted metal (OxyClean, SimpleGreen, Natures Miracle and Pine Sol), but sadly found mouse 'fur' (the dust bunnies they make from chewing up carpet and padding and using it for little nests, when I gaze up into the dashboard vents. Turning on the blower motor brings the dust bunnies right up the vent openings in the cockpit. Ugh. Since that discovery, I've snaked a vacuum up into the vents, as well as up into the openings in the footwell under the dash, and the fresh air plumbing at the front of the car by the radiator - and run the fan on def/heat/vent for several long stints to move everything out, but I know there is more to do. Any advice on what is reasonable to do, who might (in the San Francisco Bay Area) be willing to do this type of work, and what pitfalls, etc. to watch out for. Most of the smell is gone, but I know there's more stuff in there. Advice appreciated.