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  1. Hi there Guys... I've tried to search here - and everywhere else - but all is mixed up. How does the stock Cam - P90 - gonna work in a ported head ?? all reworked intake / exhaust on Garrett GT3071 etc. etc. I'm more looking into low to mid end torque for street Use - not a drag queen... any suggestions ?? stock is good ? NA Camshaft ? uprated ?? thanks.
  2. as in the topic I'm looking to get : lightened flywheel + clutch setup to hold 400+ bhp adj. cam gear fuel rail - with fixings thanks.
  3. ok - my bad... the car is fully rewired / new standalone EMU ( same as hal tech / megasquirt ). coil on plug setup.
  4. hi there guys -..... going stand alone on my 260z - with L28et and would love to have the stock tacho working ... any links to how it should be done ?? many thanks guys.
  5. kubus

    Lxx Turbo Dyno charts

    oh crap - my baaaaad - i've been searching for one - and couldn't find - thx. ADMIN - please delete the thread.
  6. Hi there guys i'd like You to share Your dunk graphs here... what engine spec / boost etc. im running N42 / N47 on 2mm mls HG GT30 turbo custom exh. ngk coils Ecumaster EMU ecu. and lots more dynoed @ 14psi couldn't find any topic with graphs to compare - if it's there - please delete. thanks.
  7. kubus

    EBAY ITM pistons

    Thanks mate
  8. kubus

    Laurel C32 LD28 5speed

    ok - got it
  9. kubus

    280Z any year anybody ??

    as above - if You have a 280Z's for sale - let me know i'll gladly take it of Your hands :) west coast preferably... cheers.
  10. kubus

    Laurel C32 LD28 5speed

    no one ?? really ??
  11. kubus

    Laurel C32 LD28 5speed

    Hi there guys. i'm searching for some gear ratios - of the 5 speed out of C32 Laurel LD28 any chance - You could point me to the right direction ?? cheers.
  12. kubus

    EBAY ITM pistons

    not going crazy on boost ... all will be set on Standalone - with control of everything - so no knock issues thanks guys.
  13. kubus

    EBAY ITM pistons

    cheers. mate
  14. kubus

    EBAY ITM pistons

    anybody has used the ITM dished pistons on turbo builds ?? i need a set of dished pistons 0.20" oversized with rings - and can't find any other than ITM. any help would be much appreciated.
  15. hi there guys.... what You run with Your turn setups ?? as all the common gaskets available - are "paper" like - and don't lasts long .... any ideas / tips ?? many thanks.