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  1. abratcher

    73 240z wont start

    i have not checked Valve Clearance, timing, or compression yet beermanpete, im not that advanced I'll ask the guys at the shop tomorrow to help me out with that. ill also try lifting the suction piston as well as making sure the gas is getting to the carburetors tomorrow and get back to you guys
  2. abratcher

    73 240z wont start

    Would the tach wire still be stopping me since i have temporarily ran a wire from the battery to the coil? Starting by the key isnt really my concern right now its just that its not starting from the starter still. Thanks
  3. abratcher

    73 240z wont start

    I got my 1973 240z for my senior project and ive done everything i can find and think of to get it started but i still get nothing. Background info: Bought it from behind a mechanic shop i volunteer at, apparently been sitting for 2 years and the owner didn't want to buy new carburetors to replace his terrible gunked up ones. but it ran when parked (thats all the background info i got) the car seems to have some electrical issues i think seeing as no lights came on when i turn the key and it wouldn't even turn over by the key. I had to take out the dash so i could cut out the old floor pan and frame rails (rusted beyond repair) and weld in the new ones, so right now the dash is out So far ive: Bought new to me flat top carburetors and had them rebuilt by the shop i volunteer at got new spark plugs, distributor cap, distributor rotor, point set, ignition condenser, air and fuel filter, and in pump fuel filter I know its getting spark i checked by taking a spark plug out and making sure it did (arc was blue, ive heard it may not start if its arc is orange because its weak) granted i do have to run a wire straight from the battery to the coil when i try to start it to get 12v to it im pretty positive its getting fuel i can see it going up through the filter the carburetors were just rebuilt so im sure thats not the problem ive tried spraying carb spray in the carbs but to no avail it turns over just fine but refuses to start I may be missing something obvious but im at a total loss any help would be greatly appreciated Adrienne
  4. abratcher

    Desperately Need 240z carburetors

    PMs sent thanks for the replies guys!
  5. So i just got a 240z for my senior project and the internals of my stock flat top carbs are wrecked. I really dont have the funding for a new set of round top carbs right now so im desperately searching for some working flat tops or round tops! either works for me as long as i can get my z running. Let me know what you have!
  6. abratcher

    SU Carbs and 1973 240z Dash

    Would you still happen to have a pair of working carbs? I just got a 73 240z with flat tops that need replacing badly!