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  1. I have a restored 260z with cut springs. The car bottoms out a fair bit and in general doesnt like bumps in the road. I am attaching a pic to let you see the current stance and cut springs I have the OK from SWMBO to upgrade a few things to the tune of 3k or so. So I am looking at coilovers and new seats. Based on reading here, it doesnt seem to matter what you buy for coilovers..you get about the same thing. My question is are coil overs going to improve the handling of bumps, or at least stop the bottoming out with the same stance? Thanks
  2. It's is a 5speed from a ZX! Please educate me some!
  3. This is why I posted.. the shifter and opening for ash tray dont quite line up. I would have to push the center console in..but then I get big misalingment with the lower console meeting the center. I went with this position becuase the shifter is not hampered, and a new shifter boot should cover. As for the ash tray, I intend to do something else with it.
  4. I am trying to limit my cutting into the carpet as I dont want it to be loose or a saggy. Right now its screwed into the carpet and padding and its holding very well actually
  5. Always.. your pic is reassuring! I tried in vain to find a pic with google but couldnt. As for holes, the previous rebuilt covered trans hump with carpet so I had to guess some. I have left the carpet, except for cutting some away for the proper redo of the choke and access to the dip for the ash tray. I do not intend to put an ashtray in the car, but some kind of cup holder
  6. Hello, My car was redone without a center console (not sure why). I have purchased one, put it in and would like thoughts on the alignment. Something is a bit off. I am attaching all the pics i took just to be safe. The problem I am seeing is that the shifter and dip in trans well for ash tray is a bit far foward compared to the opening(last pic). I placed the center console based on where i think it should allign with the console above it (1st pic). Its not pushed in very far, and I thought those elements should align. I can push more if I want, but ruins the alignmet of the bottom console with the middle. Thoughts?
  7. I will be getting BC coilovers soon, but would like to keep the same stance I have now. The current setup was achieved almost 10yrs ago with cut springs. I guess my real question is do I want the extra low springs or normal springs?
  8. Bad brake booster?

    One more question. The master cylinder is a NABCO 7/8. I roughly measure the brake booster between 8 and 9 inches diameter . Does this mean any 240 or 260 brake booster would be acceptable? Whats on there is an after market Bendix label, made by Master Vac. Part number is 285186.419240. Google is absolutely no help on this part
  9. Brake pedal is very hard to push. When the car is in idle and I push the brake pedal, it cause the idle to drop severly causing a stall or almost stall. There is also a hissing noise down near the brake pedal when its pushed. Thoughts?
  10. New and unused, undamaged floor pans and support rails for Datsun 240z and early 260z. New cost is $319 plus shipping. Save over $150 I will ship UPS ground to you in the contiguous 48. Outside we can talk about shipping Thanks Rob Moore
  11. Located in Ohio. Will ship the Hawkes 3rd Gen parts for free. Doors and hatch in excellent condition. No dings, maybe a small amount of surface rust. They have been repainted at one point. $200 per item. Located near Dayton Ohio. New in original box and shipping material, Hawkes 3rd gen straight headers, gasket, engine and trans mounts. For LS1 conversion. Paid a bit over $1500. Sell for $1250.00 shipped or best offer. T56 from a 99 camero with 77k miles. Comes with a conversion kit for an LS1. Also purchased for Hawkes 3rd Gen. It is also in original packing material. Paid $2500. Sell for 2000.00 shipped. You must be able to unload from a truck. NO TAIL GATE SERVICE. PM or email me at [email protected] We can exchange numbers from there and talk.
  12. I purchased a car from an owner who knew very little about the car. Its a 260z that has be redone, but I think the engine is an L28...but is it more? I am not sufficiently engine smart to know... I am intending to upgrade the engine some, but need to know what I have first I think. Like, it has Weber Updrafts, right? Electric distributor? Anything else that would help me in deciding how to upgrade the motor? EDIT TO ADD>.... Thanks for helping me find out. Its a L28 with a F54 block and a N42 head... My goal is to ditch the current carbs and go to a 3 carb setup. I want the growl and noise, with good performance for a 40yr old car... Although I have a set of SU's on another engine I can use...
  13. L26 engine with 4 speed manual. Engine ran well, unknown mileage, trans is stiff and would need reworked. Has SU carbs. I have a video of it running. $400 shipped. LS1 engine from a 2004 Vette with 43k miles. Comes with wiring harness and ECU $3000 T56 from a 1999 Camero with 77k miles. I purchased it from Hawkes 3rd Gen as one of their conversion kits. $2200 Straight headers from Hawkes 3rd Gen. $1000 Engine mounts for LS1 that work with the headers from Hawkes 3rd gen $200 Buy the LS1, T56, headers and engine mounts for $6000 and I pay for shipping. You must have a loading dock or a forklift to unload the pallets from the truck.