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  1. Hi guys, I have a 1970 240z, and for a very long time I have wanted triple weber carbs. The problem is that 1600 dollars is out of my budget range, so I tried to find them second hand. I already found a manifold with linkage, but here is the question; what type of webers do I need? I know I want DCOE 40's but there seem to be some different types of those. Are the different looking ones any different? and if yes what is the difference and which type do I need. Thanks!
  2. 1970 240z Brake upgrade

    Thanks for the info guys! I've found a couple of Hilux calipers, and some 300zx rotors. Will these fit? And can I use the silvermine spacers? And for the rear? I read somewhere that people use 280zx rotors and calipers with maxima brackets (I cant use maxima calipers beycause they don't exist here), but I also can't seem to find any zx calipers. Does anyone know what I can use instead? Or should i just order the maxima calipers since I'll be ordering the spacers, brackets and pads from silvermine motors anyway?
  3. Hi guys! I'm looking to upgrade my brake system on my 240z. I have seen that there are a lot of options available but as far as I've seen not very practical for me. This is because I live in The Netherlands (Europe) and most of the brake kits have to come from the US. I've found several complete wilwood brake kits, but the shipping is just unbelievable, it is about 500-600 dollars. So I looked further and found that people are using maxima or Toyota 4x4 calipers. But those aren't available here either, because we don't have the correct models models. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Or maybe other types of brakes that can be used. Thanks for the time! I'll really appreciate the help!