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  1. AWD TT 350Z

    OK, the project is about done. JUN Stroked 3.8l, APS Twin Turbo, Cosworth Heads, JWT Cams, Closed Deck, ATTESA-ETS Equiped (electromagnetic tfr clutch from G35X), Getrag 6 speed (BNR34), Quaife Rear Diff, open front, AP Racing BBK, true TEIN coilovers all round, Ikeya arms, custom sway bars, Widebody 350Z that is rear guards are same profile just 100mm wider overall to compliment hugh tyres and Strosek Body Kit. Rear Track is 26mm wider. Long project with a whole lot of custom work but then its a hobby so who's counting. I started this as a street car but its quite hard core, probably a good Targa car or time attack. It is [email protected]*king quick Im proud to say. Car has about 4000 k's on it from showroom all run in and testing. Now fitted with NISMO dash so it shows 75k's and looks brand new & stock apart from wider guards/wheels which is the look I was after. Shift pattern is stock and feels stock apart from NISMO short shifter which feels very positive with the Getrag. The Getrag handles it a lot better as well. I am able to provide a kit for conversion and instructions for works to be done after the long and lonely journey. Pattern Making and molds (gearbox & shift linkages primarily) to be done by mid next year. Pics to follow. Once you have the parts in hand, the total conversion should take less than a week as its minor floor pan/ chassis work and the rest is boltup. It can be plated & legal in QLD.
  2. This uses the ATTESA - ETS system from the later versions, including computers reading the sensors on all 4 wheels and interacting with the original Control system . That should read VK45DE too, which is the later version V8. We will be developing a 5.1 TT (stroked 4.5) probably next year after I get the Z up and finished. The AWD system will be available in a kit form with instructions etc for fitment to the G45X, G35X, 350Z including the chassis mods for the Z (minor stuff) for the fitment of the original awd system and drivetrain giving it "Factory Finish". I am having the Drawings done now for the gearbox casting process and engineers reports for the bellhousing etc for the commercialisation of the conversion products. Isn't that process bloody expensive! Fully converted Z's can be done by my workshop and brand as the KAMI Z with either the V8 4.5 or the 3.5 V6.
  3. Just an update for the interested. Finally there is some movement and the electromagnetic clutchpack is a better tuner, lighter, and can be used with existing electronics. I have had to reinvent the wheel as it hasn't been explored to date. Its somewhat similar to the new GTR35 with more robust shafts etc. With a new shaft it has been fitted to the BNR34 Getrag transfer case which can now be used behind the VQ35DE VH45DE etc., giving alloy V8 and 6 cyl awd alternatives. Its been an expensive but somewhat rewarding journey.
  4. Thanks mate. The chop shop was JUN. They grafted a 5 speed onto a high HP Z and the rest is history. I believe it a rough job but thats my opinion and it was for the track. Mine is for the street. The other one is Function Tuned (in NY?) an auto conversion (probably the easiest as its a straight transplant with a mild engine as the auto is limited in capacity) I have the BNR34 6 speed box (V160) and a V161 Getrag (Supra) as an alternative to give different ratios, so its all there. And yes I will require a longer and stronger input shaft which is already under way. A LOT of custom fab work for you is a piece of cake for me. Perhaps a LOT of money for you is petty cash for me, but were not here to discuss cost , originality or workloads, but torque control systems. I realise the search function is the best friend, but we are in unchartered waters here and I'm actually after some specific knowledge about the two systems. Now it could mean that I will be writing up the differences and pros and cons, but if there is an intelligent life out there, I would like to hear from Him/Her and avoid reinventing the wheel if at all possible. Cheers and thanks.
  5. This is specialised! I am converting a 350Z to an awd system. I have several gearboxes and a pile of stuff to commence. I tear things apart to familiarise myself with just what engineering is ahead of of me and I discover some obvious differences in transfer case operating systems: The G35X has a "Clutchpac" system, which is electronically controlled. It is very tidy. The BNR34 has a "Multiple Clutch" system that is electro/hydraulic controlled it is more complex. The G35X is a later version of the Transfer case system, however its only on the end of an auto transmission which isn't good for my use, so the Getrag V160 gearbox (BNR34) is being used. Which system will provide me with a superior result? Is the "Clutchpack" system of the G35X strong enough? The Clutchpack seems to be electronically controlled so does it have a variable torque capability or does it simply lock? Does the Multiple Clutch system offer more options for tuning? Don't concern yourselves with the fitment of either system as engineering fitment is my hobby and we have the resources to rebuild or fabricate anything. Yes, the bellhousing will be recast to fit the VQ35 engine as a factory fit. This site seems to be jam packed with intelligent debate and a smattering of engineering input so I'm hoping we might be able to discover a scientific solution rather than pure opinion. The problem really, is finding anything meaningful on the "Clutchpack System".
  6. AWD 350Z Project Australia

    Its an anniversary 350Z wih a JUN Stroker to 3.8 litre and Cosworth heads, Jwt cams, local flywheel, we closed the decks with excellent success, and used an APS turbo setup. There is lots of stuff done in the engine build, but I'm not sure everyone is that interested as its widely known on the other z sites. A lot of off the shelf stuff to get it to about 600 rwhp (is that balls?), and 625nm of torque (you can tell i'm a changeover kid with HP and Metric but thats what I remember.) I will provide a link to my site when its refreshed as we did body kit, Strosek with widebody, mechanicals and now the drivetrain. The conversion is not new but I believe its the first using the getrag setup from the '34 and we are not using the clutch bearing fork but a concentric thrust race for ease of fabrication and reliability giving light peddle with a heavy diaphram. It will all be documented and broadcast for future reference. I'm based in Queensland.
  7. I'm new to the board and have an extensively modified TT 380Z (stroked only) Trouble getting it down means that i'm now converting to awd using the BNR34 Getrag box and G35X components. Basically all materials have been purchased and now the work begins. I am starting with the box as its the major at this stage. When complete, there will be a new casting/bellhousing for the box to fit the VQ35 engine family. The result SHOULD be a bolt up application as the G35X has most of it already. (this might add some value to the second hand market for them as well) So far, there is a fair bit of mix and match, but I have just discovered this site and clearly I don't belong on the GTROC or 350Z sites as they don't know where to put me. I believe the new R35 guys feel threatened as I'm already way in excess of their HP and have a weight advantage...............time will tell. The car will be engineered as we go and passed for registration and can be used as a dd but with so much power, one's lisence wouldn't go the distance without a LOT of restraint.