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  1. Little update: I got The engine in and bolted down and now it's just running electrical which isn't too bad using a diode for the alternator.I'm also changing my stock seats to some corbeau FIA apporved seats and going to weld harness bar. Also installing 12w-8 brakes with vented rotors. After that it should be running and on the road.
  2. im going to slot the holes using the stock motor mounts in the car.
  3. Update: i got the motor in today and now I'm looking to get rear sump oil pan. Im just hoping that my drive shaft fits and the motor fits as well. I'm going to slot the motor mounts. I'm planning to use the stock skyline ones worse comes to worse i get the jaguar xj6 motor mounts.
  4. Does your drive shaft work or are you going to get a custom one?
  5. Hey guys i have 240z 1971 just pulled the engine out my Z I'm getting ready to do a rb20det. I read a lot on here and found great information about the swap like how i need a rear oil sump and a custom drive shaft and using old volvo motor mounts or the stock skyline one. I have a budget of 2k from moms money lol.