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  1. VQ35DE swap kit

    Actually McKinney is the guy I contacted, but my question is: can I use such s30 engine/tranny mounts for an s130?
  2. VQ35DE swap kit

    I'm planing a VQ35DE engine swap, to make my life easier I'd rather have a some sort of swap kit, mainly engine & transmission mounts & perhaps a custom cross member & driveshaft. After some forum search I found that such swap was performed by a shop called ZFever. I emailed the guy & he agreed to supply me with a full swap kit but two emails later he stopped responding to my emails! Doing some further search I found another shop that makes S30 VQ35 swap parts & they mentioned that one of their customers had used 280Z swap parts on a 280ZX. Does that sound right? I'd appreciate your feedback
  3. Coilover Options

    I did some search & I decided to order something a bit better than the Megan set, so I decided to go for the S13 Stance XR1 coilover kit, with 8kg/175mm front & 6kg/200mm rear spring rate. I'm going to try to mimic the steps in the s13 coilover swap thread. If you guys got any further advice then kindly let me know.
  4. LSD Diff, MT vs AT

    Got a 1996 TT automatic, I'm planing an LS/T56 engine & transmission swap, I'm searching for an LSD differential & found the Cusco 2-way offered at a good rate, but the manufacturer notes that the diff is for the MT car! Does that mean that diff won't work on an auto ZX? Do the auto & MT have different final drive ratio? I'd appreciate any information
  5. Body Kit parts

    Is he on here, or do you have his contact information?
  6. Body Kit parts

    I'm trying to achieve a similar look as the attached photo, I believe that such body parts would have to be collected from different vendors. So far I found fender flares at ZG, rear wing at VIS Racing (whale tail). I still need the front spoiler, side skirts, and rear skirts or a diffuser. I'd appreciate you help
  7. Coilover Options

    Can you please elaborate, which 'listed parts' should I order? I've checked QA1 & they offer parts for domestic cars only, as for Penske, they offer coilovers for the GTR only! If you have installed aftermarket coilovers on your ZX then I'd appreciate your advice with details I also need to make a list of all needed suspension parts. I found bolt-on BBKs with Wilwood calipers. Can you guys confirm that a rear S13 coilover set would bolt directly in without any modifications?
  8. Coilover Options

    The Megan S13 set seems to be the most popular for such swaps, but in theory I could use any S13 aftermarket coilover set ....correct?
  9. Coilover Options

    I just bought a 1983 ZX & I plan a V8 engine swap, body restoration, & suspension upgrade, therefore I'm searching for some decent aftermarket coilovers. I'm aware of the few threads discussing how to install S13 coilovers on the S130 but my concern is being unable to locally source the required second hand parts needed for such modification, such as the front spindles, since both the S130 & S13 are extremely rare in my region. So, I'd prefer a 100% bolt-on solution, to my understanding, an S13 rear set such as the Megan's would bolt directly in........is that correct? So, I'm thinking of getting a rear S13 set & getting the front set offered by Techno Toy Tuning. Doing some online search I found a full D2 set offered by PhantasmUSA: http://www.phantasmusa.com/d2n025.html It looks too good to be true,so I just sent them an email as I'm afraid the set is falsely advertised as for the 280ZX. I'd appreciate your suggestions & advice
  10. Big brake kit

    http://www.arizonazcar.com/ Contact information are at the bottom of the page, his page looks kind of 'dated' so I thought he might be out of business. I'll shoot him another email & wait for another day before I call him.
  11. Big brake kit

    I need BBKs front & rear for a 300ZX TT, after some online search I found sets being offered by 'Arizona Z car' he offers Wilwood caliper equipped brakes. I emailed him a couple days ago & still got no reply! Does anybody know if this guy is still in business or not?