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  1. 2 tshirts both XL. One Black Aqua and one Ashphalt 1 Zip Up Hoodie in XL. Dark Heather 48603
  2. I'm covered on the manual front. The guy I'm buying the z from was a factory supported amateur racer in group d scca. I have every manual under the sun I could want and they are first edition too
  3. Finally picking my z up tomorrow. I need to change out the coolant because I'm pretty sure it's no good anymore since it hasn't been changed since 91. Should I use green anti freeze or do you recommend something else? Does anybody know how much coolant the L24 takes?
  4. Some solid info guys. Thanks a lot. Will definitely post more photos when I go back over at the end of the month.
  5. Here she is. Like I said, the current owner is a wealth of knowledge. He is the original owner and said he remembers having Datsun factory reps coming out to their club meetings and having them show the guys how to work on the cars and how to do performance modification and stuff like that. I am really excited to dig in to this thing. It will probably take me at least a couple of years to finish it up, but I want to do it right the first time. Don't like doing anything half ass.
  6. Hey guys. I am going to apologize immediately because it has been a while since I posted anything on a forum, and I know all of these sites have different procedures and rules as far as posting goes. I am purchasing a 1972 240z from one of my customers (I am a car salesman and he asked me if I wanted to buy a car while his wife was signing paperwork). He is the original owner. The car has just over 50k miles on it. The entire car has been race prepped to run in SCCA races. The engine was built by Bob Sharp and it has a lot of first gen performance parts on it. The car has been stored in a heated garage since it was purchased, but just like every car from this time period it has some cancer in the metal. The good news is that I was a sheet metal welder, so replacing the sheet metal doesn't worry me. On to my first question. The car has not run since 1991, and the current owner told me that I should check with some knowledgeable people (aka you guys) on what steps I should take to turn over the motor. He knows his stuff when it comes to working on the car because he did most of the work on the car back in the day, but he also said that I should start doing my own research in order to get myself more oriented with the whole restoration process. He did mention something about taking out the spark plugs and pouring some penetrating oil in to loosen up the engine in case it was stuck. So, what steps should I take to turn this baby over? Thanks in advance!