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  1. JPN Garage

    For sure! Like to get my damn car on the road before sunmer is over hah. Yeah I started a claim, they have shut down all of their contacts/ways to contact them down. So yeah there is definitely something going down.
  2. JPN Garage

    I found a number (407) 600-7911 guy actually answered and tried to get who he was out of it, and finally asked if he was affiliated with JPN Garage and he said no and hung up quick. Also the email is shut down too, so can't even ask if they want to settle this in a quiet and easy kind of way. So not quite sure what to do other than try and file a claim against the money via the bank. If this is legit scam level shit, they got some bad karma coming their way.
  3. JPN Garage

    Yeah they have my money for coilovers...not to happy right now. was already shitty about the long wait, but now i'm just worried about the money. Should have just went through a rep.
  4. I ordered a set of these coilovers a few weeks ago. was just going back to their site to check out some flares, and it is down but almost looks taken off the net entirely. Starting to worry now!
  5. Ratty2Eighty

    yeah it might be simpler to just shave the battery location and relocate the battery in the car at this point. Yeah they are 14's. I'll take one off tonight while i'm working on it and see if I can find anything written on them.
  6. Ratty2Eighty

    Thanks guys. I'll have some sheet-metal work up on here tomorrow after I get more done. The battery tray area had typical rust. It was mainly at the seem where it met the firewall and creeped into the upper floor pan. I just chopped it all out and I'm filling it back in, Not sure yet how I want to finish where the tray was. Put one back in or just smooth it out and relocate the battery maybe. As far as those wheels go. I believe they came off a 4-bolt mustang, and they also had old Shelby centercaps. I never looked at the back of them yet to see if there was anything written on them.
  7. Picked up a dirt cheap 76 280z runner/driver. Always liked these cars so why not add another project to the pile. Needs some body work, but i'm not going for show car. this will end up just being a cool looking driver. I will be making or buying some new frame rails as one is pretty much toast. Also do the floor pans at the same time. Have the stock tank out, was all bashed in and not too clean. So I will be dropping in a fuel cell in place of the spare tire. Just trying to have fun with this build so there will be some different ideas and creative touches along the way. Tube bumpers, D-ring tow hooks, rear diffuser, turnbuckle style wing and splitter etc. Came with 4 new tires to throw on the old turbines, which will work fine for now. hopefully get some coil-overs on it at some point as well, get it sitting right. Just a few pictures of the start, update more as I get stuff done! (sorry for the huge dump of info/pics! had to get you caught up in the first post haha) started gutting the nasty bits where I am at on motor work ( was going to go carbs..but just putting the EFi back in for now). As you may be able to see its a ATK engine so at some point someone through that in here. Will be putting a 6-1 coated header on with 2.5 exhaust. I wish the bottoms of the seats were like the rest, maybe can have someone re-do them one day and add more bolster. Or they will just be replaced with race seats ass the build progresses with a cage/harness bar. Broke out the energy suspension bushing kit and started with the mustache bar. They were by far the worst in the car and it cause the usual clunk when shifting hard. Got the spare tire cut out to make room for the fuel cell. Started mocking up the rough height/area where it will be sitting so i can go get some !" square tube. All I have is round and some random box steel that is a little overkill. It got pretty cold again the other day, so i pushed the Z outside and tried that as a poor mans dry ice method on the sound deadening. Worked pretty well! combined with a few hammer taps as I moved along. Got a better idea of what I'm up against with the floors. I will just be doing my own flat sheet floors and frame rails. I have the tools and metal, so why not save a little money. I'm not going for 100% resto anyways, Just clean and strong. I also plan on having the Fuel cell flush to the trunk floor so I can cover with some aluminum floor plates i'll make. The filler hose and vent line will have to show through but it is what it is. I plan on boxing in the cell outside with some dimple die'd aluminum panels. Or a combination of that and a custom aluminum diffuser to help hide it and just add more of the aggressive race look I want. Anyways enough babbling till I get more done! on to some pics nasty mustache bar to a little less nasty bar Removing the stock sound deadening. came out in some pretty decent chunks. my rust free floor rust and tar weight reduction stage 2 Fuel cell mock up. Not the greatest fuel cell in the world. but it will get the job done and get this car on the street. I have most of what i need using my parts from my truck fuel system. Just need to grab a few more -AN parts and should be good to go. Going to be waaay more fuel pump than I need right now.
  8. 76' 280z

    ratty racer