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  1. Russell1JZ

    Russell's 1JZ Swap into UK 260Z 2+2

    We are now onto the strip down of the car as the plan is to sand blast and paint the car from the windscreen forward. Therefore everything has to come out of the bay The heater matrix has never been connected in my ownership so coupled with the fact that I will be trying to reuse the gauges means there will be a lot of wiring to do that will be easier with the dash out. The challenge is knowing when to stop There are some areas of rust that need addressing on the floors and under the dash so I will be replacing the carpet at the same time. We also discovered that the brake servo and master cylinder has failed so I plan to upgrade this with an R32 Skyline version that are cheaper and easier to come by.
  2. Russell1JZ

    Russell's 1JZ Swap into UK 260Z 2+2

    That left me with all the parts that I need to get started with and the rest of the parts sold on eBay. The engine needs a lot of cleaning and work to get it looking how I want it but everything is there so it's mainly time needed rather than a load of £!
  3. Russell1JZ

    Russell's 1JZ Swap into UK 260Z 2+2

    Over Christmas this came up on eBay and I couldn't pass it up The owner had unfortunately lost it on a roundabout and hit the rear end and the front. It still ran and we drove it onto the truck to take it to the workshop to be stripped over the Christmas break. 3 days later and this was what was left. A decent selection of parts to put on eBay to try to pay for itself A trip to the Scrap yard and that was the shell out of the way
  4. Russell1JZ

    Russell's 1JZ Swap into UK 260Z 2+2

    Going to have a go at loading pics up from my phone and see if this works. This is one of the last pictures of my car before it was taken off the road. This was a morning PistonHeads Sunday Service at Goodwood.
  5. Russell1JZ

    Russell's 1JZ Swap into UK 260Z 2+2

    Expecting around 350HP to start with. Running Standard ECU with FCD and Greddy Electronic Boost controller. Original Twin Turbos with rebuilt steel internals. Suspension and Brakes not unrated yet so not going for big power until I can afford to get the rest up to scratch!
  6. Russell1JZ

    Russell's 1JZ Swap into UK 260Z 2+2

    Not great, the odd one pops up from time to time on eBay but sellers want big money for them. I'm hoping the W58 holds up. It did in the Soarer and there was no sign of any glitter in the oil when we drained it.
  7. Although in the USA and Australia there are a huge amount of Hybrid Z cars, in the UK most S30 chassis cars have rusted away and the rarity of them now means that swapping big power and exotic engines is a rarity. My car is a UK spec 1975 260Z 2+2 that has been painted and welded enough times that it is is far enough from original for me not to worry about the purist route. That and the fact that is it a 2+2! I wanted to start a thread on here for advise from people who have done this many times and hopefully a UK project will be interesting even though I am covering the same ground many people on here already have. I bought a crashed JDM Toyota Soarer over Christmas and stripped it for the engine, fuel tank, looms, gearbox (W58 as it was a converted auto) etc. The original L26 is out and sold and work has started to strip the engine bay of everything so we can sand blast it and begin the engine swap with a view to making it look as clean and factory as possible. I will upload some pictures soon when I have worked out the best way of doing it.