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  1. 74LS260z

    240z part out

    How much for both seats? What brand are they?
  2. 74LS260z

    Which color is it? 280z 1975/6

    305 Light Blue Metallic is the factory color
  3. 74LS260z

    throttle cable

    Are you still selling the throttle brackets? Thanks
  4. 74LS260z

    Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    I am not sure what you mean for this part, do you have, or can you find a pic of the part you are looking for? I can't find a pic of the piece that I am looking for. I wonder if it is an aftermarket piece. It covers the wiring and the blower motor. I think you are looking for the two bulb access covers here, is that right? not the whole inner rear cover? Yes I am just looking for the bulb access covers. Would you sell them separately?
  5. 74LS260z

    Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    Do you have the plastic cover that mounts to the bottom of the glove box? Also looking for the rear tail light covers, the ones that cover the wiring?