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  1. Abedatsun

    Rust free datsun 1978 280z worth?

    Thanks guys, truly appreciate all the comments and advice! I Mac 100% going to snag it up, I think it's a steal but didn't wanna go into it blind. Rb26powered74zcar if I don't buy it for some unfortunate, I'll share the info your way.
  2. Abedatsun

    Rust free datsun 1978 280z worth?

    Michigan, so rust is a common occurrence haha. Car has been garage kept, babied, and only driven in sunny weather for the past 35 years (his sister owned it in California I believe for the 3-4 years prior). I got under the car and i didn't see any noticeable rust, inspected frame rails and they are as should be without rust. Under the hatch is rust free, battery tray, rocker panels, and just about any where else I looked. So as for rust, it is 98% rust free, the 2% could possibly be hiding haha. 5 speed l28, shifts and runs solid, uncracked dash, near perfect interior, was repainted in the early 80's with a very impressive paint job. I just want the opinion of a fellow Z owner/enthusiast to strengthen my decision.
  3. New to the datsun world, what is a good price for this fine specimen of a datsun. He's asking $6,500... won't budge on price