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  1. boundtaplz

    240Z - Snailed style

    the big block was here and he had a there was a huge amount of room between the rails. and to my surprise i managed to get motor well behind the front crossmember of the ifs keeping the weight from swinging around past the front wheels.fits under hood for now havent mocked up a carb may go for injection need to put this away for a few months have a secondary project that needs love before snow flies. i have a fiberglass dash cover that came with this car that will not be used i would gladly trade it for a fuse panel ?? email me ovre[email protected]
  2. boundtaplz

    240Z - Snailed style

    ifs all in grab some lug nuts today and if all goes well get some big block action if your wondering about transmission i will be using a new process nv3500 5 speed am going to get this build over to my page if i can figure that out lets get this old girl on the road.
  3. boundtaplz

    240Z - Snailed style

    1jz out and sold chevy big block getting mocked up ordering ifs suspension next
  4. boundtaplz

    240Z - Snailed style

    so now on to third owner this is what an unfinished project looks like.