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    AFM/ECU questions

    I have searched the forums and Google. More than likely I am just missing what I am looking for, but here is my situation: I have a 1979 280ZX built in 11/78. When I bought the car the AFM was out, and it looks way too clean to be original. The car starts with the AFM installed but not connected to the ECU (runs really rich with black smoke). As soon as I plug the AFM into the ECU, it starts to sputter and then dies I don't have tons of tools to run tests on the electronics, so I am wondering if anyone can tell me: 1) How to tell if the AFM is the correct AFM for the ECU 2) If it is obvious what is wrong and I'm just an idiot 3) Do they make aftermarket systems that I can just replace everything and save myself the headache of diagnosing the problem. LOL I appreciate the help!