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    Sorry Granny, wouldn't want to wrap the American flag around the wrong company. And Thanx.
  2. L28 - 3 x DCOE

    If he went to a larger venturi would that help, or are the kits that MSA sell inappropriately sprung, if that's a word? I face the same issue going forward on my rig. N42 is the most widely regarded cylinder head for enhancing performance but many "L SERIES" builders have had success with other cylinder heads, i.e. P90, E88,E34,etc. From the reading I have done it seems to be necessary to figure the flow, and combustion characteristics of the different heads then add in several other factors. It would be nice if tuning components were plug and play but some parts work better when tuned finely. I have spoken with several DATSUN SPECIALISTS over the years including those who raced on the SCCA circuit and always got varying opinions. When I am ready to put mine together I will consult the builder, tell him what I have and assess in theory what type of HP will I have. A good acquaintance once said never to go higher than a Stage 2 cam, but a builder in Austrailia can build a track engine that will tow all your race gear to the track! Go figure. So do your own science and it will probably not turn out to be plug and play. But a finely tuned "L" engine can get the job done.

    In addition to placing this in the WRONG forum I did find the American supplier. www.whiteheadperformance in case anyone needs to know.

    Good morning from the hurricane capital of America. I have often read the postings on the site and found them interesting and helpful. By the way I am a NEWBIE to the site but not to S30 cars. I have spent many years crawling around them and know them quite intimately, as do most of you. So I look forward to reading more as I complete restoration on #6333. But for now I am in search of air filters for my 47mm SK/OER carbs. TATSUMI out of Japan stocks them but someone in America does also but my smart device out started me and I by accidentally erased all my links during a ROUTINE purging of my tablets search history. K&N stocks them but a GOOGLE search has not rendered any results. I would appreciate any assistance. I will slowly begin to build an album to chronicle the rest of the restoration but here is an appetizer!