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  1. If the offer is still open I'd appreciate the template for the cut out for the top of the strut towers for BC coilovers. Thanks, My name is Paul. email [email protected]

    1. madison


      Hi again. I have a question. Did you use bump steer spacers w/ your BC coilovers? Thanks.

    2. theczechone


      not yet. Something needs to be done though as bump steer is a serious issue when dropped as low as I am. Makes the vehicle borderline dangerous to drive. 

    3. madison


      Thanks for the reply. I am going to do it. I am doing a ground up resto-mod ( mostly resto) and  I am trying to do things just once.

  2. Found the problem. There is a relay attached to the motor which, I believe operates the parking system. Mine was toast. I bypassed it and now motor operates as long as I want. Just have to time shutting off wipers to park wipers correctly.
  3. madison

    Replacing 280z door panel trim piece

    Thanks Uncle Charlie
  4. madison

    Replacing 280z door panel trim piece

    Did you find the tabs you were looking for?
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. The linkage seems to move freely.
  6. This is a 75' 280Z. Wipers work for a few seconds then stop. This will occurr a few times and then not come on at all for a while. Any suggestions? I removed the wiper motor and ran it for a long time by connecting it to a battery. There was no load on it so may it be the motor itself. I have replaced the intermittent amp and still no change. I do hear a click from the amp right as the wipers quit but I think it is just shutting of as I hear the same noise when the wipers are turned on.