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  1. Good parts from 1982 on 1979

    I wouldn’t know, but another subject I would like to bring up in this thread is bumpers!! On my 79 I have the chrome but I prefer the 78 S130 straight bar look. I can only find some pictures like project Lucy from carsaddiction.com. Would anyone still sell/make these?
  2. Good parts from 1982 on 1979

    The frame of the t top is in the center and in the 79 it’s different. Is that the specialist welding your talking about 260det? If I **** this up I’ll sell you mine if it’s possible
  3. Good parts from 1982 on 1979

    Any info on t top or 1/4 though
  4. Good parts from 1982 on 1979

    I have a recently rebuilt 79 zx with no interior parts beside the dash(no carpets nothing). Yesterday I bought an 82 t top with a full interior and a heating problem (also terrible body). Carrying over the interior parts will be the fun part, but I can’t keep myself from thinking about a t top conversion. My 79 already has a poorly corrected moonroof already so aesthetics won’t be an issue. Is it possible enough to be done myself or be relatively affordable at a shop? (Under a grand?) Also wondering if the quarter windows and taillights are compatible