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  1. Thanks for the help, I did get it to fire with this rigged up setup and a extra transistor I had sitting here....however, I went ahead and ordered a 280zx distributor (guaranteed to have a good module), along with a new coil, resistor, plugs and wires. Ignition should be good to go now....on to the carbs. Thanks guys.
  2. Alright, after looking through some parts this is a 280z distributor and transistor box. I actually have extras of both from my 280 parts car. Now if the car ever ran like this or if it's even possible for it to run like this I don't know. I can't find much info on using 280z distributors..everything is about the 280zx distributor swap. So where to go from here...should I try to get it running with extra parts I have around or just pull everything out and go 280zx or pertronix.
  3. No wonder I couldn't make sense out of it or find any diagrams. This is the first 240z I've worked on. I looked at the distributor but assumed it was stock because I thought all 280zx distributors had the module mounted on them. Here's a pic of it if anyone can tell me if it's stock or not. I would like to just revamp/ugrade the entire ignition system with new parts...so what's the best cost effective method from a setup like this? I've read about problems with the reman 280zx distributors and modules...pertronix seemed like it would be easier and straight forward. Opinions?
  4. Hey guys, trying to get this barn find to fire, hasn't ran since 98 from what I was told but looks like someone messed with it and tried to start it more recently. Turns smooth and compression is around 130 all the way across, have fuel but no spark. So I'm trying to narrow down the problem and potentially upgrade to electronic ignition at the same time. First issue is I have is wiring in the distributor/coil/transistor are...this has obviously been messed with and I can't seem to find a diagram of which wires go where on the transistor, so I have no clue if the rigged up transistor/ballast wiring is even correct. On top of that I have 3 loose wires in the area, 2 black and a brown with no where to go, I have the fsm but hard to know whats what with loose wires floating around. I'm thinking about just going straight to a pertronix ignitor II/flamethrower II combo with new plugs, wires, cap, rotor etc but need to figure this wiring out first. Can anyone tell if running pertronix deletes the transistor/ballast or are they still used? I'm reading conflicting things about the install. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!