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  1. Retrosound stereo!! How cool! Vintage look!

    Hi guys, thanks for checking out our radios, Motorsports was one of our first customers and they carry our Retrobelt products and our radios. Our radio is not like Custom Autosound (which is the other main brand out there) our radio has movable shafts you can adjust any way you want (you could put them both on the left if you wanted to--- ) our Datsun kits come with a template you can make your own with --- our new radios are all shipping with Metal knobs (no one does that) and rear USB (19" cable) which is for flash drive use only --- Here's a good video for you to check out: http://www.retrosoundusa.com/video/details/id/11 and here's all about our radio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IyXj-QTzc8&feature=player_embedded Our new Model One radio has 2 aux inputs, IR remote, and if you want to hide the radio, an IR input (optional 94" cable available) --- I'll let our website speak for itself, we do also sell to Crutchfield, Jegs, Eckler's, Moss Motors US & UK--- LMC (their Datsun divison & british car division too!) Thanks for checking out the products can keeping the thread alive!, you guys need anything, just holler! Thanks, Michael Robbins Product Manager www.retrosoundusa.com [email protected]