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  1. Camshaft Recommendation

    I was but I don't know which one would be best. I see several LS3 cams for cheap but wonder why they're so inexpensive. Are they now good?
  2. I'm having an aluminum 6.0l engine built at a local al machine shop. I want to put in a stock vette cam but don't know which one to go with. 2 questions. Which would you choose? Why are LS3 cams so cheap?
  3. 1978 280z 2+2 parting out (SOLD)

    Handbrake rod and cable?
  4. Rich, do you have any part numbers for the kit you bought? I'd like to keep the spare tire well in my Z so I think yours is the option that would be best for me.
  5. Small parts question

    I finally have all the major parts to complete the rear end suspension and drivetrain. What I don't have is hardware. I think I have what is needed for the suspension but for mounting the differential I got nothing. Does anyone have a parts diagram showing hardware to mount a long nose R200 in a 78?
  6. Quick question. I have seen a few write ups on the Camaro tank conversion, question is do you have to remove the spare tire well?
  7. Dash surgery, first time.

    Is this a cap or full recover
  8. Looking for a hood in the Philadelphia area

    What part of the country are you in and what would you ask for it?
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for a hood in good shape for my 78 2+2. I'm in the Philadelphia area but don't mind traveling for a good part. Please let me know if you have one or know of one. Thanks in advance.
  10. Transverse link bottom mounts

    Got them. Thanks all!
  11. 2+2 Owners

    Hi, I'd like to find out if the owner of this blue 2+2 is still active. I have some questions about suspension setup, wheel size and offset that I'd like to ask. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Transverse link bottom mounts

    I'm looking for the bottom mounts that hold the rear control arm to the transverse link with two bolts. The mounts clamp around the bushing.
  13. Noob Question

    It's going to be a weekend / track day car. No dragstrip racing, I like corners!
  14. Noob Question

    It's almost rear end time with my build. I have a 78 2+2 that will have a 5.3l V8. I would like a stronger differential but don't know which way to go. I've been trying to read up on the Ford 8.8, Q45 and Armada installations but there's so much information and incomplete information that I feel lost. Here's the question. My car will be pushing around 400hp, which rear end would you choose? I'm looking for something that doesn't involve a ton of fabrication or special parts. Thanks all