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  1. Ahhh i see. Thanks for that Any ideas why it is only running on one cylinder then :s? Seems like it isnt the injectors OR the spark.... Could a weak spark cause it to do this? Even that would seem strange though as all the sparks should be the same, and one is working...
  2. Sorry for thread dig... I just did an engine swap, i put an s14a engine into my s13. The motor is currently running on 3 cylinders :s I think it is the same problem as the OP as i have spark on all 4 and the fuel pump is going. The other thing i noticed is that i have 12v on both of the injector wires on all 4 injectors. This seems a bit strange that number one cylinder is running fine even though it is giving the same readings as the other three. Anyway, did you find a solution to your problem OP? Or has anyone got any ideas why i would be getting 12v to both wires :s? I have found a few people on other forums (after googlng) with the same problem, but so far i have found no reasons/solutions.