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RB25 swapped Z32 no start

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Hello everyone. Im new to the site. Figured I would join to see if I could get a little help. I just recently swapped my 95 300zx TT with a RB25DET. Im having one issue.... Car will not start.


So before anything. I bought the rb 3 years ago online. Been slowly buying parts. I had the head rebuilt, stock pistons, ACL race rod and crank bearings, Freddy intake manifold, top mount exhaust manifold with Holset hx35. When I was going to install the engine I noticed I had an rb26 harness and wasn't going too work. so I took the time and modified my z harness for it too work. I noticed the rb has S2 coils and harness and VVT solenoid so I figured it was a S2 motor but the CAS is metal not plastic.


With that being said I installed it and wired it all up. Now it cranks and it has fuel but no spark with the S2 ecu. If I swap in my z32 ecu which has a moats ostrich and allows me too change the bin to a rb25det and swap out the rb CAS to my 95 vg30dett CAS it has spark. but still no start..... im kinda stuck on what too do next. Do I need a rb S2 CAS?? Any input would be much appreciated.


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