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L20ET Turbo Thread Questions

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Hi Guys


Been doing a ton of reading but can't find the answer I'm looking for .

I have a L20ET Turbo and manifold for my LD28 Turbo upgrade.


The L20ET Turbo has a port pre turbo that I assume was for a O2 sensor or EGR pipe.

I want to blank this port and eventually use it for a EGT probe .

Can any body tell me what thread it is ? Looks like a M20 fine thread but I don't have the turbo at hand to measure as it's on the other side of the country with the truck .


I found a pic of one blanked in a thread here and have attached for reference


Also is it safe to assume that the turbo oil inlet / drian are metric threads ie M8 inlet and M10 drian respectively ? As I will have to make custom lines for these to .






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