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t56 to gen1 sbc clarification

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I have read almost every forum about this topic but now im just getting confused :unsure:


I want to mesh a viper spec t56 (2005) to a gen 1 sbc.


I'm replacing a Muncie 4spd.  I will be using the adapter from mcloud since I already spent$$ on a Lakewood scattershield bellhousing. 




This adapter will work with the viper tranny?  every forum is about either the lt1 or ls1 tranny.


Also, can I reuse my 168 tooth external balanced flywheel, starter, hyd. throw out bearing and pressure plate?  just need to change the clutch disk to a 26 spline?


The mcloud pilot bushing for the ls1 t56 swap is also used with the viper t56?


I read that the viper input shaft is longer than the ls1.  Does it need to be machined down?

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