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Hardwire autometer guages

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Hi everybody,

I have auto meter gauges and wanted to know if I can hardwire the gauges to my 260z dash harness? Like a plug and play almost. I will use the auto meter senders (oil pressure and water temp). My question is, can I just connect the + and - to the harness with the lights? Also, the auto meter gauges uses two wires +/- for their lights. The Datsun gauges all uses one wire, how do I connect those two to the harness? I want also the Datsun dimmer switch to dim the auto meter gauges lights. I've searched and did not find anything in regards to my questions. I found a thread about the fuel gauge in term of correct ohms. My biggest challenge will be to incorporate the turn signal lights with the high beams and brake light in the speedo and tach gauge. 

Thanks for your help.

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