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Datalogging software & source, Mac compiled & PC

About This File

These are a couple of pieces of software I've developed for tuning ECM's. I've included both OS X executable as well as the code itself. They're written in RealBasic, a cross-platform, object-oriented, compiled version of the old stand-by language Basic. I'm hoping that someone who knows what they're doing can take a look at these programs and whip them into shape, or at least give me some good suggestions, hints, ideas - I'm not a programmer (as will be obvious once you look at the code).


The first one is called "ALDLx". It's a data logger for the '7730-and-family ECMs. It has been patterned after a couple of older pieces of software (ALDLMON and WinALDL). It was designed from scratch to work via a USB/Serial adapter. As it stands it works pretty well (for me!), but it's spaghetti code at best (in spite of being Object Oriented). It compiles under 10.3 and 10.4, hasn't been tried under 10.5. It also compiled it on the Windows 98 version of RealBasic, as an experiment, but didn't have a chance to try it.

The second one is "PKTx", is a little utility that does only one thing: sends a .bin file from the Mac via USB/serial adapter to a Romulator. That's it. However, the killer app is that you can run a program like TunerPro or TunerCat under Virtual PC, modify it in a "shared" folder, and send it up to the Romulator on the fly every time you save it. So you can datalog with ALDLx, modify the .bin with TunerCat/TunerPro, and send it to the Romulator all in one smooth action.

Anyway, if there are any brave programmer/gearhead types out there, I hope you take a look at these things and can maybe do something with them.


Tuning Distro.zip is approximately 7.6 mb in size.

Contributed by: strotter

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