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Quarter Mile Calculator

About This File

This is a quarter mile calculator that uses visual basic for applications within excel to calculate position, velocity, and acceleration based on vehicle parameters.


The input accepts the following parameters:



drag Coefficient

rolling resistance

traction coefficient

shift points

transmission gear ratios

differential gear ratio

Tire Diameter

Engine Torque Curve

The engine torque curve assumes rear wheel torque and accepts 7 datapoint pairs. The program interpolates between the given data points using cubic spline interpolation (gives a smooth twice differentiable curve).


The output to the dialog is all of the drag strip parameters (60' time and speed, 330' time and speed, 660' time and speed, 1000' time and speed, and quarter mile time and speed). Further, all of the data for a 50 second run is output to a spreadsheet (100 samples per second).

The program predicts the times for my car to within 0.1 second and within .5 mph.


Currently, the program is specific to a manual transmission powered car. I would like to expand it to include automatic transmission equipped cars. The source code is open and I invite criticism as long as it comes with suggestions for improvement.


IMPORTANT: In order for this program to run properly, you must set your excel security level to medium. And then when you are prompted to run macros say yes.


Contributed by: 74_5.0L_Z

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