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  1. Hi, looking for a low offset 15inch wheel setup for my 240z(g). If anyone know of something, websites, or good places to buy a new custom set of wheels? Many thank`s! Kind regards Jimmy
  2. Hi, new to the game, and would like som opinions on some things before ordering. Bought a set of 40mm dcoe 151 for my 240z L24. Engine is stock, minor port work on top (e88), I have added 6-1 + 2,5" free flowing exhaust, pertronix and MSD box, Carter fuelpump. Put the webers on, and the car started. I`ve had no hard time with the webers, and had a local guy to set them up. They are synced, and he has tuned the low speed part. Friend of mine have a dyno, and wideband. Desided to take a look after the tune, because I dont feel like the engine is deliver the power. The
  3. Hi, broke my transmission last week. This was the standard 5. speed (euro) gear box on my 1973 240z. I have Autometers, and was using a 240sx speed sensor in that box (wich after searching says to be useable in all L-boxes). A friend of mine had a transmission, bought it, but we do not know what type it is (was on his bought L28ET swap). Transmission fit`s nice, but my 240sx speed sensor does not go inn. The mechanical one that I took out of the box has a smaller wheel on it, and it can not be moved over. I have not filled oil yet, would like to see if anyone can help me out. Wou
  4. Thank`s guys! Scenery is just iphone pictures from the first pit-stop to show my enthusiastic grandfather the result Wil have some bether pictures taken soon. The wheels are Rota RB-R from the group buy, in Rota Royal Gold. 17x9 -13 and 17x9,5 -19 (Federal SS595 225/45 + 235/45). I`m in the North West of Norway, More and Romsdal. Nearest city is Molde Plug wires are MSD universal-kit, bought from summit. I have cut the lenghts my self, and the longest one is bearly long enough. Everything you need is in the kit.
  5. Here is my 73` 240z from Norway. Been working on the car some years now, and here are the first pictures of here! Would like to thank the HybridZ comunity, do not want to know how many hours I have spent the last years reading usefull info in here. Thank`s!
  6. Thank`s! Here in Norway we only had the Maxima from 1990 and up. It may go under another name. Do you know wich engine model the 1985 Maxima with theese brakes had? It would be alot faster for me picking it up local...
  7. Hi, I bought this http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/102954-desert-z-brake-conversion/ and I need a rep. set. Sent Shaun an email just before the weekend, but no answer yet, and I`m in a hurry. Only later Maxima models where delivered in Norway, can only find rep sets for 90+ models, and I belive theese are older? If I need to have something shipped over, I would like to get it right the first time! Thank`s!
  8. Yes, to bad I followed the instructions. It said leave 50-55mm, and that`s what my welder did. I can do it all over again, but like mentioned above, maybe half an inch is a bit small. What do I know. I paid $$ to have it weld, sending it to sandblasting and painting... Thank`s to all of you for contributing, for now I have dropped the springs (removed pherces), and it`s low enough so that I can fit my flares, and get it painted. Big thank`s!
  9. Yes, I tought it needed to be tight between the perches. If its okay to just "drop the spring", that will help alot. ?
  10. Yes, that is the problem, correct. I also understod the instructions that way, and left 55mm, thinking that must be a good thing. If I cut and reweld, I would gaine enough to get the ridehight flush, but then it would only leave 10mm of the OE shock holder inside the threaded sleeve... Yes, I have an inch or so (3cm) lowering the spring. But on the picture the spring is bearly tighten by hand (preloade may be the word?). So if I drop the sping an inch it would be loose, understand? Is that a possibility? Tought that was a bad thing... I have plenty of travel, and dont think t
  11. Hi, I ordered a K-Sport coilover kit for my 73` 240z. They offer a kit for our cars, with stock top hats, and thas what I wanted. Followed the instructions, and I may have missunderstod some of it, because the car wont go any low at all up front. On my 225/45-17 wheels, the gap to the stock fender lip is 1 inch (25mm). Now I`m thinking about cuting the front hub apart again, trying to solve the problem, and will add some pictures to explain. How much do I have to leave of the OE shock holder if I weld it to the hub? Can I cut it at 10mm, and do a new weld to the hub, or is that a
  12. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=Corbeau+GT4&_sacat=See-All-Categories Something like this? Price is not to bad, but I have seen bether looking ones...
  13. Missing one stub axle on my 240z project. Would like one 240z, or two 280z stub axles (as theese are upgrades, if I understand correctly). I`m in Norway, but have U.S post address if shipping outside is difficult. Thank`s!
  14. Verry nice! So glad to see the parts you are making. Would like to order several of them, but before I pay big time in shipping; are you considering cf zg flares and cf bumpers? Thank`s
  15. Picked up mine today, thank`s Derek! What a great looking product!!
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