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  1. still looking, if anyone has any leads to one, thanks
  2. Hey sorry I did get your pm, I mainly just need the regulator and not the whole door so if you are willing to part it I will come pick it up
  3. I'm looking for a driver's side window regulator that will fit a 240z door. Let me know what you got
  4. Think theyre the californian mirrors..might sell them for some fender mirrors.. http://www.showcars-bodyparts.com/Z-Californian-Style-Mirrors-Pair-120-501157-8.jpg
  5. this is the only pic i have so far, excuse the camera phone quality..
  6. Yeah not so into the BRE style, was thinking the type 1 as well
  7. Looking for a 240z front air dam if anyone has one for sale..still undecided on fiberglass or urethane although i would prefer the urethane ones. let me know what you got! Preferably in the bay area, thanks!
  8. well my search is over..i just picked up a 72 this weekend. No major rust issues, body is straight, rebuilt motor, thinking about doing a 5 spd swap now..
  9. He didn't mention and I didn't bother to ask haha. Is that white one on Craig's list? Sac was some ways away from me as is Davis since I work during the week and pretty busy during weekends. Let me know if you do check it out though!
  10. Yup it was the blue one. Was the first one i looked at so i wasnt too sure what to expect. After seeing it i know what im looking for as well as what i wanna spend on one
  11. Hey everyone, i know im new here but i have a really big favor to ask. I've been looking into getting a 240 for a while and i just found one for sale near my area in Sacramento. Now my question is, is there anyone i can get to go with me to check it out today after 5pm? I dont wanna rush into buying anything but i also dont want to miss out. So if anyone has free time to go with me to check it out please send me an email, im still at work but have access to email. I'm from Dublin/East bay area so if youre close, i'll buy you dinner if you help another hopefully soon to be owner! Thanks, Mike (m_yee@rocketmail.com)
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