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  1. Sorry, I'm an idiot and forgot to include that. Asking price is 15,000.
  2. Location: Alexandria, Virginia (Right next to D.C.) For sale: 1977 Datsun 280z with an RB25DET with a Haltech ECU. Custom intercooler and oil cooler. Blow off valve 350z coil packs. Custom fan setup controlled by engine temperature(kick on temperature can be modified in the haltech). refreshed brakes and lowered suspension (KYB struts and Eibach springs). New differential mount, Urethane mustach bushing, rear control arm and differential fluid (80W-90) Nissan OEM Oil Filter Recent synthetic oil change (10W-30) Running at stock boost levels . 300zx (Z31) transmission. Brake light stucks on, but E Brake works just fine. Speedometer/Tachometer and temperature gauge don't work due to engine swap Oil pressure, voltmeter and fuel gauge do work. Little bit of rust on the drivers side fender. typical rust on floor boards. Engine swap done by Wireworks performance in Ft Worth, Texas. Brake refresh and suspension work done by Datsun Spirit in Manassas, Virginia. (All receipts saved) Certainly not perfect, but runs just fine and is a blast to drive. Clean and clear Texas Title in my name. Sorry, no trades. Asking 15,000. Walk around video:
  3. Update: I have a conference with a lawyer tomorrow, but I was able to get a hold of the owner through facebook. He’s saying two weeks for it to be done. But i’ve heard this before back in May, so we’ll see.
  4. Yeah, going to consult a lawyer today. I spoke to the police and they tole me to call them and go up there with them. Sucks im going through all of this trouble.
  5. Hello, i’m having an rb25det neo and a haltech put into my Datsun. The car has been at Wireworks performance (fort worth, tx) since january 4th. Back in May i was told it would take a little longer because a tech screwed some work up and it had to be corrected. No big deal, i can wait a little. i’ve been trying to get updates, and it’s hard to get a hold of the shop. Last time i tried to visit, they were closed during the week for some reason. Last i heard it was “very close to being done”... in August. Now it’s September and i can’t get a hold of him (doesnt answer calls or texts). i’m planning on calling the police or speaking with a lawyer, which is not something i want to do, but i cant get a hold of him and he has my car. I have no clue what’s going on. What do you all recommend i do? It’s safe to say this shop won’t get any more work from me, which is unfortunate as i heard great things about them. But they have 5,000 dollars of mine and my car.
  6. Dramier.. I think I've seen your Z off of hickory?
  7. Interesting reply from Steve: " Hi , Thanks for the contact ,however I'm true to the Z car and never install American made engines in them .I do have a customer that has a Series 1 car also with a LT1 ( he bought it done ),and when I talked to some friends about tuning it , they All turned their noses up on this engine ! In fact if your not using a LS type engine they think your wasting your time . I don't now much about the LT engines ,but from what I heard ,I wouldn't even want a Vet with one . Sorry but my scope of knowledge is 6 cylinder inline and v-6 stuff .Since I have made over 500 hp with a L series engine ,I never saw a need for engine swaps . Sorry ,but I also don't know anybody that could help you do a sanitary or clean install either . Good Luck , Steve"
  8. I just shot Alamo an email. We'll see how it goes.
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