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  1. Been along time since I have been on here. I am gonna be selling the car soon. Gonna finish the door bars then post it up
  2. Its been along time since I have been on here. I have some news. I am gonna be selling the car. Havent worked on it for over 2.5 years. Not sure on price. I will be finishing the door bars then I will post it up
  3. LOL still need to finish mine. Then doing one in my buddies 73 240
  4. Will hopefully start back in my build soon. Been building my jeep busy with my 2 boys and school. Life has been crazy
  5. It's been a while since I have been able to work in it. Been building my jeep. The seat will have a brace.
  6. LOL. I have lots of room had some ideas if I didnt. Its going to be tighter by the window handle. Prob will only be able to roll the window up/down with the door open. Perks about a race car. Lol
  7. Thanks!!! Tonight only got yo work on the car for sbout an hour. Got one door bar notched and pre-fitted. Still need to put a slight bend in it to give me a little more room. Tomarrow will hopefully get the othe section mocked up and tack weld everything into place. Enjoy Nice tight notches
  8. Only got to work on the Z for about an hour tonight. . Got one door bar pre-fitted. Still need to put a 8-10 degree bend in to give more room in the car. Also got the drivers door back on the check for clearance. Enjoy This is why i had to cut the body A pilar notch
  9. Well it has been a while. Had my second kid on Sept. 1st. So was very busy for a while. Also bought a new Jeep and had to do some building on it. But I am finally back to my madness. Started doing the door bars tonight. Had to cut the body out for welding access of the cage. Guess thats what i get for making the cage so tight in the car. Enjoy! This is why I had to cut the body Here is the first design Just at lower shoulder Second option Lowered the door bars at the seat side a little over an inch. Prob going to do this option long as all is legal. I have to double check the rules later before i start putting them in. Still got to hang the doors.
  10. Started on doing the door bars tonight. Had to cut some body so i can weld them in. Cage is crazy tight. Enjoy Before cutting After cutting First door bar position. Just at lower shoulder Second location. Prob going to do this option do to that i am a big guy.
  11. After a long needed break I am starting back up on the Z. Going to be some major body cuting tomarrow night. Will post pics tomarrow.
  12. Just have to finish my buddys jeep then will be starting back on it. Hopefully very soon. Have my sbc ready to go to my engine guy to get it bored and all forged parts put in it
  13. Wheels just got sold. But still have the tranny and N42 head
  14. Kids, work and the jeep has been keeping me busy. Starting back on the z this week.
  15. Nice driving Jonny!! Bummer the clutch gave you hell! Time for a twin or maybe a triple clutch.
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