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  1. the reason you have 12volts on both wires is because you're probing into teh wire with the injector plug plugged in. therefore the 12volt power supply (red wire) is feeding through the injector itself and back up through the signal wire. that's normal. if you unplug the injector, and probe the injector plug, you will find that one wire is powered, the other wire waits for the ecu to send the ground pulse to trigger it to open.... Dave
  2. Unfortunately due to my car accident. (Got hit by a car on my scooter, broken femur, can't walk, his fault, yes i'm sueing) The other guys are finishing it up in my absense It's very close. I'll have Ruben update the thread with more pics. oh and we got our website up finally yay (in my sig) Dave @ Lethal
  3. rb26 front bellhousing on z32 tranny, bolts right up, good to go. Dave
  4. i fabbed up the powersteering high pressure hose and clutch line yesterday. still waiting on the driveshaft to come back, they made it too long the first time. we also need to modify the downpipes and make some intake pipes for the air filter(s). then last but not least devise a sweet throttle linkage utilizing the drive by wire stepper motor. then we can strap it on the dyno and give it a nice break-in low boost tune so Ruben can put some miles on it. after that we'll crank that puppy up and finish off the custom ac lines. ps. i tried not to use gangster slang terms or kiddish antagonism because i don't want this thread locked. since i can't reply in the show me your z thread that got waaaaaay out of proportion. i'd like to apologize to hybridz here for my post that got the thread locked. it was playful crap talking to andy with the B.A. rb26 300zx because his car's sweet so i figured he'd get a kick out of seeing what we did in a 350z. the whole thing got blown way out of proportion so here's my sincere apology for anyone who'd take it the wrong way I'm sorry Dave @ Lethal Injection Motorsports =]
  5. Dave @ Lethal Injection Motorsports 770-343-9969
  6. hehe, it's great. gto gets ~25mpg and weighs ~3700lb, so in a car that weighs ~700+ lb less, gas mileage would be an easy 30+ it's crazy lol Dave
  7. inline walboro only 100bucks shipped, i wouldn't trust a 30 year old pump...that's just me Dave
  8. 80Lt1: no more vibration than the solid motor mounts lol the headers came from hinson i wanna say they were somewhere from 800-1000. they're made for an s14 though i don't think they'll hug the block enough to fit a Z. next oddball hybrid swap we do we're doing the headers and mounts in house since we got a full time fab guy now, and the stuff takes a LONG time to get from hinson....that's really my only gripe with them. thx again Dave
  9. LOL, thx fellas. they're the smallest can'd 3" magnaflow's we could find from summit. we took it for emmissions (since it's 95 it's obd1 so goes on the rollers) and with no cats it passed on nox with flying colors but failed on hc's and co's. at first with the maf right on the throttle body almost like it is in the pictures up there it was pulling 9.0 air fuel ratio's on the dyno. so that's why we put the snorkel and the air filter for the dyno vid which got the air fuels to ~12. we hadn't yet got our 4" silicone 90 bend and the 4 inch piping to finish off the intake and route it with the maf/filter to the driver's side behind the headlight. with just the maf-intake-throttle body we got those emissions test results. i'm sure if we put an air filter on it the nox'll go up slightly but it'll lean itself out enough to pass hc's and co's without a problem. passing emmissions with no cats ftw thx again for the praise fellas. take care Dave @ Lethal Injection Motorsports once we put the
  10. this is a customer's car we did at the shop. i did all the wiring. no painless or speartec harness for me sir. obd2 works, ac works, everything works lol if you would like me to do your wiring shoot me a pm. thx first start up first test drive here's it on the dyno, not too shabby for a stock ls2 /w a cam & a ~12 a/f ratio Bottom line: 428rwhp , 411rwtq , 30+mpg LS2 powered 1995 Nissan 240sx Dave @ Lethal Injection Motorsports 770-343-9969 shop
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