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  1. Realize I am late chiming in here, but what the heck. What Grannyknot said is correct, and right on the money. The metal directly above the rear view mirror is critical. I don't know if you are planning to do any of the work yourself but if so I would strongly suggest taking the car to a trusted body shop and have them put the car on a frame machine and having the roof straightened as best possible BEFORE ANY SHEET METAL IS REMOVED! Do not cut anything without having this done first! The right side A-pillar will come back to its correct position if the shop knows what they are doing. Think of it this way- the roof was bent as a welded structure, therefore it needs to be "unbent" as a welded structure as much as possible BEFORE any metal is cut off. Get it as straight as possible, then remove the skin only, then replace the center middle section (if you have to) and go from there. And for what it is worth, the skin will only need to be welded at the A pillars and just above the quarter glass where it meets the quarter panels. Ask the shop to use panel adhesive on the sides. Easier for them and every bit as strong as welding it. Its basically the industry standard now for replacing roof skins in the auto body industry. Just my two cents from 30 years of being a bodyman for a living. Good luck, its totally repairable.

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