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  1. Ok, Interesting... I may have found a Cosworth Nova for cheap. I never thought I would consider a chevy lol but what do you think? They are cute little cars
  2. Yes, those things are some serious sexy! But can you even find them anymore?
  3. I live in Huntsville and I am very ready to get my 66 Datsun Roadster daily driver painted. I am not looking for anything spectacular, just a good 10 footer. However... the paint on it now is a 40 year old Maaco that has micro cracking. Also, the front of the new fender needs a bit of seam matching. My budget is only a bit over a grand though.. Does this even sound possible or am I about to learn how to do bodywork?
  4. Yeah ive heard that. So should be a good motor seeing as how parts are actually available. I hear that the MGB GT was originally designed for that engine so It will bolt right up.. but being a roadster owner I am kind of hesitant to own an MG too lol. I kind of like the idea of having a small lightweight classic sedan though.. 510 would be killer but they are getting hard as hell to find these days.
  5. Wow! old thread but I got busy with school and completely forgot I posted this! haha but update, the Z is! ... still in the back yard. and with a tree growing through the engine compartment now lol. Every time I seem to get some spare change I get to replace something on my roadster. Its not easy daily driving a 1966 Datsun but it is most definitely worth it! And the thing is more reliable then most cars its age! less than $100 and an afternoons work to replace a head is a win in my book. and thanks a lot GOTAZ, I really appreciate it!
  6. Ok, so I just got two all aluminum Buick 215 V8s for free!! They are small displacement and would make a killer turbo motor. Oh! and it only weighs as much as a 2L roadster motor!! So gimme ideas people... what needs a lightweight high revving v8??
  7. My 1966 Datsun 1600 daily driver! Just got the fender replaced from where some dumb lady hit me in the Home Depot parking lot... oh the joys of daily drivers!
  8. Ok, so, I am now out of the Marines and entering that "broke college student" phase of my life, and now my poor Z car is parked behind the shed only half way through a mega-squirt conversion. Roll call for whoever else that can't afford to finish their projects so I don't feel so bad!!
  9. Ha! I completely forgot I posted this ages ago, but I am surprised that not even one person has responded. I know they are out there.. is this just in the wrong thread?
  10. Im replacing the clutch on my 4.3L chevy powered 260 and from the looks of it I have organic or ceramic clutches in my price range. But summit has this "Aluminum/KEVLAR®" clutch from McLeod (part number MCL-261871) and its sold out so I guess it must be popular. However, I can not find any information on how it acts. My use for this car is borderline illegal street use with only occasional daily driving, and I am trying to make it ready for hill climbing. Does anyone have any suggestions on clutch materials or any experience with this one?
  11. Lol With those wheels and that kit... Do you really expect me to be able to afford a good paintjob?? It was one of those wild hairs and I just went with it so I could see it all one color. I leave Hawaii really soon and I dont have the time or money right now to do bodywork and a real paint job. It is definitely my top priority as soon as I get back to Alabama. Well, that and putting on the V(or)TEC heads
  12. Also, If you buy the fake carbon fiber ones. They are already smoothed out and about ready for primer and paint!
  13. I might be borderline double posting with this one but I just wanted to let everyone know that after the car was made to be one color, these mirrors definitely meet my approval! There is a world of difference now that the car is all black. The mirrors do not quite stand out so bad and I think the wider mirrors compliment the body kit very well.
  14. I painted the car a while back and it looked reallly good but I tried to buff out the spray lines with rubbing compound and it just ended up filling in all the nooks and crannies with white compound. Im gonna need to wet sand it all and go over it again. I also installed the hood louvers that are off a boat. I thought they would look pretty good and give some contrast.
  15. I was talking about painting the whole car with the rustoleum satin black. I need to do some preventive maintenance on some developing rust spots, and i am getting quite anxious to see what its going to look like all one color. Im not using primer b/c if you dont spray on a urethane one its just going to cause it to rust faster.
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