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  1. I have been looking at the options to add power steering. I haven't seen anyone use a 280zx hydraulic rack and pinion. I don't know the dimensions of the rack, but it seems like it would be closest to the proper size as opposed to other options. Any one have any thought on the 280zx rack? Are folks using Miata or Subi racks because the 280 rack is not as good? I think the 280 rack is slower. Something I will need to consider.
  2. I have tried to rotate the column. You agree that something doesn't seem right about the location of the lock hole? It needs to be more parallel or down slightly. I have had this column out of the car and I did not notice any thing unusual.
  3. Yes it is a new IG SW. I thought at first the problem was with switch. The original one does the same thing. In this picture I have the column lowered. The switch is hitting the dash in this position. If I could get the switch to align with the hole, the column is still hanging down about an inch. I don't see how this is going to work. It seems that the lock hole should not be pointing at that upward angle.
  4. The steering lock hole on the column and the ignition switch do not line up. It seems that the hole on the column is too high. The ignition switch hits the dash before it get close to the hole. I can force it, but its definitely not in the correct position. This puts it in the wrong position for the steering column cover. When I got the car and took it apart, there was a depression in the dash from the ignition switch pushing into it and no column cover. I am now wondering if the other owner had it forced into place impacting the dash, and could not get the cover to fit. It seems there is only one way the steering column can be installed. I have removed the steering in the past, but I did not disassemble it. Is it possible that the upper half of the column (from the under dash mount) to the driver end has rotated? I believe they are two pieces. But they are locked with a pin or bolt? Any thoughts?
  5. The first place I looked. Maybe they used to or I'm completely blind.
  6. I am looking for a suitable replacement for the inner door window felt trim. The one with the chrome backing that is stapled to the door card for the inside of the window. What are people using when this needs to be replaced?
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