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  1. I'm just curious, how much was the engine? Robello isn't far from me. However, in CA with a 76 I would leave the fuel injection system on mine. Also, what did you use to mount the front bumper? I'm thinking of fabbing up some 240z - 280z brackets since only one place sells them now for a ridculously high price.

    Sorry for the late response but the motor ended up costing close to $9k without shipping costs. But that included tuning and the carb setup. 

  2. So maybe I'm missing it in an earlier post, but I'm wondering if there is a list of all the mods. I really like the stance you have on this thing - would like to know where to look to find some similar wheels and tires but the entire car is really incredible. Lots of appreciation for what you've done here!

    Thank you. I have BC coilovers and 16x7 Konig Rewinds with 205/50 tires. I may be switching to a 15x8 with 225/50 tires to get a little more meaty tire.

  3. Several things jump out at me here, as inspiration for the next phase of my own z. Your dash restoration is really intriguing. I've seen this done before on another forum, but with two examples on record here, I think I'm ready to take the plunge and try it myself. Also, thanks for the tip on that rubber restoration chemical. Very nice work, sir!

    Thanks Swami

  4. hey matt i have the same problem with my 280z i picked up last week i have a driver side floor rusting out, what type of metal did u use to fix this and what did you use to clean, seal and paint it?

    18 - 20 gauge weldable steel, the entire body was media blasted. I covered the floor areas with a rust encapsulator from Eastwood (similar to POR15). Then it was primered and painted.

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