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  1. Those Panasports look awesome. Cant wait to see that Rebello 3.2L !
  2. Heres a couple shots of my engine bay. I still need to tidy things up and route my fuel lines better.
  3. Heres a quick vid of my first start up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH0FsVlvESo
  4. Amazing work! What are you running for wheels?
  5. This has been a huge inspiration for my build. Glad to see it coming together!
  6. I got a new windshield and my rear hatch glass installed yesterday. I opted to have the professionals come out and do this job. Im glad I did because they did an amazing job. I used the Precision seals that I got with my weatherstrip kit and they thought they worked great. No gaps or anything. Still trying to decide to reinstall the metal trim.....
  7. Thanks, the chrome vinyl has held up good so far. Its been a few weeks A little progress today. I received my custom plug wires, heat shield, manifold stud kit, and new valve cover bolts from Datsun Spirit today. I also installed my new 3 row aluminum radiator.
  8. I went back and fixed my broken pic links. They're still squished but open in a new window at a bigger size.
  9. My build. Rebello 3.0 Stroker with triple Webers.
  10. You can see the rest of the build here until I get it fixed. http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/49193-my-datsun-280z-rustoration/
  11. I "re-chromed" my door panel strips today. I bought some chrome vinyl wrap off Ebay and cut some strips and applied it with a heat gun. It turned out really nice. Heres what they looked like before, typical chrome peeled off exposing blue plastic. Much better....
  12. Got my valve cover on. Red powder coated and I sanded down the letters. I think it turned out good. Im not sure whats going on with my older pictures. I'll try and repost them.
  13. With the help of a couple friends and a few beers, I got the motor installed. Here's some pics. Headers and carbs dry fitted to see how they looked. I will need to trim a little off the intake manifold. I'll be replacing the valve cover soon, just need some new bolts.
  14. Motor finally showed up. L28 with N42 head 3.0L Stroker 89mm Cast Pistons L24 rods with ARP bolts Turbo oil pump 63DI 109 Hot B Cam Triple 45 DCOE Weber Carbs Port & Polished head Port matched intake 11:1 compression Dyno Sheet:
  15. I picked up my valve cover from the powder coater yesterday. Its red wrinkle coat but not as much wrinkle as I thought . Nice texture though. Also I got my passenger side regulator from a fellow forum member zKars. Good guy! Now I have 2 fully functioning doors. And I received my new center console from MSA. I took advantage of their free shipping over black friday.
  16. Started working more on the interior. Installed my rear strut housing covers. Didn't turn out too bad. Also test fit my rear cargo carpet piece. Looks nice but has bends in it that wont lay down flat. Hopefully they will eventually. Also refinished my steering wheel
  17. Very nice! Did you do the motor and suspension work or did you get it with that stuff already done?
  18. Looking for a window regulator for my 280Z. I think 74 or 75 will work. Here are pics for reference. Thanks!
  19. I wasnt happy with the hatch seal that came in my Precision kit so I bought a NOS one. Installed my spoiler. Also put in my rear quarter windows. New rubber.
  20. After a much needed week long vacay in Maui, I'm back to work on the Z. I focused my attention on the lights and the rear area of the car. Pretty rough shape. Repainted the taillight panel in factory gunmetal Disassembled Cleaned housings Then polished the lenses. New foam gaskets. Installed new bulbs. Purchased some cleaner chrome bezels off Ebay. I still may get mine replated in the future. And.......Walahhh! On to the front turn signals. I purchased the 240Z turn signals off Ebay as well. I got them fairly cheap but they were rough. The lense
  21. I had them powder coated. Its held up pretty good so far, there was one spot that chipped off while I was bending the fuel line putting it in.
  22. New brake booster painted black and installed with new master cylinder. Also installed misc brake lines.
  23. Thanks. The place charged me $150 for the tank. The plating ended up costing me a couple hundred. I ended up making 2 trips, if I did everything at once it would've been cheaper because they charge by the batch.
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