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  1. The FE series of engines from Ford are very heavy. Anything 390 or less just can't produce the HP but do have good torque which is needed to move big Detroit iron. The only FE engines worth their weight for the HP are the 427/428, but again, for a light car like the 240/260/280 they are heavy. The best Ford engines for weight and HP are the Windsor series 302/5.0 or the 351 in respect to "cheap", while the new 4.6/5.4 modular engines are for those with a much bigger budget.
  2. ttodhunter ---Thanks for the lead. The firm was in Arlington which isn't too far away, so between the company name and the address we should have some luck on finding the guy. Even if he doesn't have any kits left, he should still have the engineering drawings which hopefully he will give, sell to, or duplicate for us. The link you also cited was excellent as well, so there's another lead. As mentioned earlier, the lighter weight of the Ford, being narrower and with the distributor on the front, it is a much better swap motor than the Chevy, aside from the performance parts being just as cheap and producing the same power. If Scarab hadn't started the Chevy trend, we bet conversions would have gone with Ford, just like the original Cobra. If we connect with the original kit seller in Arlington and can score a deal on a kit and/or plans, maybe we can do a small production if there's enough interest. More later --- and thanks again. Your help was really appreciated.
  3. The vehicle is a no rust, solid 1972 240Z. We want to install a 1993 5.0L Mustang GT roller engine with Ford 5 speed. They are cheap to buy, easy to work on, and plentiful. They are also lighter than the Chevy engine of that era, narrower, and with the distributor in front, the engine can be placed further back for better weight distribution. What company out there makes a SBF engine swap kit ? ? ? We can't find one. Thanks for any help you can give us. JJ
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