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  1. Here's where we'll be blogging about our project: http://zxmacman.blogspot.com Monday, March 31, 2014 Welcome to our 280 ZX - 302 V8 engine swap! My son and I are in the planning stages of installing a Ford 302 V8 into our 1983 280 ZX. Our family has owned this car since it was new and it is the last of the 200 series of ZX cars built by Datsun/Nissan. This past weekend we obtained a completely rebuilt 302 that originally was destined for a T-bucket … but no more! We are now in the process of researching all aspects of the swap and attempting to nail down pre-fabricated motor mounts and such, but are ready to fabricate our own if needed.
  2. I am interested in a 302 V8 to 280 ZX 1983 conversion. If this kit would work I am definitely interested! Add me to your count.
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