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  1. looking to buy 240Z, with either L28ET, SR20, RB25,26 SWAP, message me what you have. located in Northern, CA
  2. Hey Everyone, Can anyone recommend a good low pressure fuel pump, im going to be running Surge tank on my 73 240z L28et and i am planning on running high pressure and low pressure fuel pumps. for high pressure i am thinking about running a Bosch 044. thanks
  3. I will make it short and quick i have 73240z planning on swapping l28et motor comes with ecu, maf wiring harness, planning on getting a crx intercooler I have a shop installing it for me, i dont have time and the space to try and work on it. anyway my question is do i need any other parts to make the car running? thanks
  4. Hey Guys, Newbie question, I have 240Z with 2.6 liter motor with E88 Head. I have a spare F54 series short block with flattop piston, crankshaft, etc. Wanted to know if i can use the short block with my heads and stock camshaft without replacing the the spring, rocker arms and use the old one without running into nay problems?
  5. stock suspensions and in the future i will use flares is that going to be fine?
  6. Hey guys, New to the Forum, tried the search button but could not find the answer i am looking for, recently purchase 73 Z stock, i have 14' wheels at the moment and wanted to upgrade my brakes to either four piston caliper kit or the wilwood big brake kit. To my understanding i need to upgrade to bigger wheels 15 or higher. I found some wheels that are 16x8x0 offset. will these rims fit, would i need spacers and are to wide? any input is appreciated. thanks
  7. Ok i will do that, my car also has electric fuel pump could that also be draining the battery ?
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