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  1. Conversion kit for Datsun tachometers based on the Smiths RVI tacho


    In the 60's Datsun made a replica of the Smiths RVI tachometer under licence.

    These tachometers were current triggered and besides now dying from old age, tend not to work with electronic ignition or ECUs.


    Since 2003 we have been making and selling kits to replace the electronics of these tachos

    We also fit the kits for people without the time, confidence or skill to fit the kit.


    There are two version of the kit, one fits inside the case, the other is slightky easier to fit and sits in a box beside the tachometer.

    Both are triggered by coil / square wave ECU output  / or alternator "W" terminal


    the internal kit fits on the existing bolt holes on the movement and allows calibraton from outside the case.


    The first two kits are appropriate for the Smiths based tacho   Link to Spiyda Tacho Page



    Spiyda Ltd.



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